Online Teaching Advancement

Science through Art

Online Teaching Advancement – Science through Art is an Erasmus+ project which aims to use art to overcome barriers to online learning of science subjects, obtain better learning outcomes and engage in positive learning experiences.

Different art forms can be used to introduce pupils to new types of online learning, achieve learning outcomes stated in the curriculum and help reduce the feeling of social isolation.

Thus, the main objectives of the project are:

To equip primary / secondary science teachers in formal settings with skills and knowledge that will allow them to work in a diverse online classes, in order to create a safe learning environment for pupils by using different Art forms to teach Science.

To influence policy makers in all partner countries in order to provide guidance and educational support for an effective online science education.

To ease the transition to new learning settings, build confidence and promote children’s personal growth after a life-changing event such as studying in online learning environments without the support of friends and peers.


To allow relevant stakeholders in education to get involved in the project and to use the platform so as to prepare their learning sessions and exchange best practices.

The project is mainly targeted primary/secondary science teachers and their pupils aged 12-14.

Along with partner organizations, other primary/secondary schools, museums and galleries, science centres, universities and relevant stakeholders will be actively involved in the activities.