A new narrative of scientific subjects through the OTA methodology

Jul 20, 2022 | News

The STEAM methodology aims to revolutionise the traditional concept of teaching because it substantially changes its connotations and the role of those involved.

The traditional school approach develops its potential in the dual relationship between teacher and pupilǝ, where the only source of learning is the teacher and the established relationship is one-to-one. On the other hand, OTA methodology goes beyond this vertical teacher-pupil relationship by proposing a more inclusive approach that creates circular knowledge, where learning is more equitable, flexible and interactive.

By using this method, students will not only be ‘receivers’ of knowledge, but will themselves be able to create knowledge through the empirical experiences they will have. They will therefore be active participants in the process, with greater motivation to learn and a greater likelihood of realising their own potential and abilities.

Art, science and technology are in themselves creative and generative activities that, put together by the OTA methodology, will tell a new interdisciplinary approach to research and education.

Albert Einstein said: “…if we use the language of logic to describe what we see and hear, then we engage in scientific research. If we communicate it through forms whose connections are not accessible to conscious thought, but are perceived through intuition and ingenuity, then we enter the realm of art. Common to both experiences is that passionate dedication to that which transcends the will and self-interest’.

The educational model offered by OTA favours the acquisition of a set of skills that are functional to the personal growth of the student. In fact, the change from traditional education emphasises the interests, skills and learning styles of each individual learner, allowing them to approach the complexity of the subjects of study in different ways and from different points of view that might even be simpler.

In addition, it allows teachers not to be alone in this teaching process and to be able to diversify the language with which they explain concepts.

The activities that will be created in the coming months by the OTA partners, based on the developed methodology, which can be viewed on the website, will enable students to explore their personal learning styles, connect the subject matter with their interests and find new learning approaches that are more functional to their needs.

All this will strengthen their self-confidence, their ability to analyse and their critical autonomy in thinking and acting.

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