Introducing the OTA project – The multiplier event in Cyprus

Feb 27, 2023 | News

On the 15th of February 2023, INNOVADE organized a multiplier event at Linopetra High School in Limassol, Cyprus to disseminate the OTA project and its results to the school community. Twenty secondary school teachers, most of them teaching science, attended the event.
They were first introduced to the OTA project, its main aim, objectives and results. An overview of the needs analysis, the OTA methodology and toolkit followed, with the main focus being on the OTA platform, which hosts all the results. Participants were given the time to explore the platform and the 101 activities, combining Art with Maths, Chemistry and Physics, based on the national curriculum.

The platform received a positive feedback, with participants being mostly interested in the practical activities. They found them well-designed and organized, useful and quite innovative. What they mostly liked is the fact that they are categorized by topics and subtopics according to the curriculum and can be used with no or small adjustments. The platform is a great tool for daily school practices, for any science teacher that needs some inspiration on how to approach a topic in a more interesting and interactive way!

All resources can be accessed here: