Meeting in CYPRUS

Nov 3, 2022 | News

The OTA project is still in a great condition. Activities to promote the STEAM approach in the teaching of science subjects – physics, chemistry and mathematics – are being finalised. To ensure that they are implemented in the best possible way, the project partners met in October in Cyprus, where we were hosted by our partner organisation INNOVADE.

In addition to our hosts, we had representatives from CESIE, Italy, Heureka Science Centre, Finland and representatives from Primary School Litija, the National Gallery of Slovenia and Education Centre Geoss from Slovenia.

In the same week we also had LTT and transnational partners meeting. The first two days were devoted to a meeting where we went deeper into the content of the project and planned the future tasks. Each of the partners contributed with their feedback, opinions and views, as we all strive to develop high quality content.

After the mainly theoretical part of the get-together, short group training events followed, where theory turned into practice. Our training sessions thus included creative workshops, workshops on content already developed, educational visits and tours, as well as good practice tests.

There are many ways to embed the arts in science in a way that makes them a useful element in science education, and also in bringing science to a mass audience. From visual arts to theatre, literary creation and music. In modern times, however, there are more and more of these methods almost every day, as digital approaches are increasingly joining the traditional ones. Some of the latest practices in this field have also been tested in Cyprus, such as the examples of augmented reality.

Five days of active work on the project went by in a flash. With new ideas and knowledge, the partners returned to their working spaces, where we will implement the ideas for the upcoming activities and content of the project.