INNOVADE is a social innovation organisation with extensive expertise in designing and implementing projects and solutions in diverse settings around the globe. The team has decades of expertise in implementing over 100 projects in more than 30 countries. Areas of engagement have a primary focus on bringing about positive change in organizations and social systems.


CESIE is a European Centre of Studies and Initiatives based in Palermo, Sicily. It was established in 2001, inspired by the work and theories of the sociologist, activist and educator Danilo Dolci (1924-1997).

CESIE contributes to the active participation of people, civil societies and institutions through the implementation of projects on various thematic areas, towards the promotion of growth and development, always valuing diversity in the respect of ethics and human development.

Our mission is to promote growth through innovative and participative educational approaches.
As a European centre of Studies and Initiatives, the organisation is dedicated to the promotion of research and development so as to increase and improve future-oriented innovation processes in educational, social, economic and cultural spheres believing in the cross-cutting of organisations cooperating within heterogeneous fields and sectors.

Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre

Heureka is one of Finland’s most popular recreational centres, with 300,000 visitors yearly. Located in the Tikkurila area of Vantaa since 1989, Heureka’s exhibitions have been seen by more than 8 million visitors, worldwide the figure rises to over 28.5 million. Heureka has been active in international exhibition production, and is a particularly active member within ASTC, ECSITE, ICOM and NSCF.

Heureka introduces the public to science and technology in an engaging and interactive way. Visitors can experience the joy of discovery through spectacular exhibitions, planetarium films, educational programmes, learning programmes, and events.

Heureka’s operations are subsidized by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the City of Vantaa. Heureka is run by the Finnish Science Centre Foundation (Tiedekeskussäätiö).

National Gallery of Slovenia

Narodna galerija (National Gallery of Slovenia) is the main art museum in Slovenia containing the largest visual arts collection from the late medieval period to including the twentieth century.

The Gallery protects more than 15,000 works of art and is made of three integrated wings.

The Gallery has prepared several ground-breaking exhibitions throughout its history, beginning with the first permanent exhibition of visual art in Slovenia in 1919. It is also engaged in international projects, collaborating with museums from Florence, Novi Sad, Paris, Prague, Vienna and Zagreb.

The Gallery’s Conservation-Restoration Department includes specialists for painting, sculpture and works on paper and Slovenia’s only investigation studio for multispectral analysis of artworks. The Department works closely with the National University Library and the Restoration Centre of Slovenia, as well as international organisations.

The Education Department organises hundreds of events and welcomes circa 90.000 visitors each year. It is also involved in interdisciplinary programming, which includes conservation of natural heritage, neuroaesthetics, guided tours for visitors with sensory impairments, and workshops for people with dementia.

Education Centre Geoss Ltd

Education Centre Geoss Ltd. (IC Geoss), Litija, Slovenia has 60 years of experience in the field of education and regional development in Municipality of Litija and wider in the region of Central Slovenia. The owner and the founder of Education Centre Geoss is Municipality of Litija.

IC Geoss offers a comprehensive range of educational programmes: 11 secondary VET programmes and 6 tertiary education programmes, as well as numerous non-formal education programmes (general education, training and courses).

In recent years, increasing attention has been given to various projects that develop and encourage lifelong learning among different target groups and to implementation of social and digital agenda, regional development and territorial cooperation, encouraging the development of youth programmes and entrepreneurship in the region. At our work we follow the local, regional and wider national and European goals and needs and thus addressing different strategies at all levels.

Primary School Litija

The Primary School Litija is located in the very center of Litija on the bank of the river. In the beginning, it was housed in two old buildings connected together by a new smaller one. One of them was the school building in the past and the other was a previous courthouse. From 2014 we are located in the new building which is located behind the old one. We also have two dislocated units in village Polšnik and Sava.

Our strengths are Culture, Sports, International cooperation, Cooperation with neighborhood, Creativity, projects, team working and many more. We also have some certificates such as Healthy school, eTwinning school, Cultural school.

Besides the regular curriculum, we also provide the integration of children with behavior deviances into the community of children in the central school. Litija Primary School is the only school in the community of Litija which houses the School with the adapted curriculum where the children with physical and mental disabilities are educated.