PRESS RELEASE – Education Centre Geoss – 24/03/2023

Mar 24, 2023 | News

Science through Art

Erasmus+ project OTA – Online teaching Advancement – Science through Art started in April 2021. One of the main project’s objective is to equip educators of primary or secondary education (teachers of science subjects) in formal settings with skills and knowledge to work in a diverse (online) classroom, in order to create a safe learning environment for pupils by using different art forms to teach science.

Partners of the project are coming from 4 different European countries: from Slovenia Education centre Geoss, Primary School of Litija and National Gallery of Slovenia; from Finland Heureka; from Italy CESIE and from Cyprus INNOVADE.

Within two years of working, partners developed more than 100 learning activities on more than 60 science topics.

Developed activities are dedicated to teachers of 12 to 14 years old pupils for teaching physics, chemistry and maths. The consortium worked on the topics identified as the most challenging in teaching and learning remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Developed learning methodology is based on two core principles – Three stage model and the STEAM approach. All developed lessons are following these two principles.

Activities are interactive, original and, above all, give concrete meaning to topics that, at first sight, may be difficult to understand because of their abstract nature. Lessons are enriched with a variety of artistic expressions, online activities for independent exploration, quizzes, games, creative tasks and other engaging exercises.

Interested teachers can browse through more than 100 activities on the easy-to-use learning platform, developed for the project’s needs. They can choose material according to their needs, adjust it and use it online or in the classroom, with a large or small group of students.

Material is available in 5 different languages: English, Slovenian, Italian, Greek and Finnish. 

Link to OTA learning platform:

More about the project:

We are kindly inviting you to browse through activities and use it in your future work.

Jasmina Hlaj

Education Centre Geoss