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Mar 15, 2023 | News

101 learning materials for middle schools

How to teach the most challenging contents of mathematics, chemistry and physics in middle school? Answers to this question were sought in the international OTA (Online Teaching Advancement) project. Teachers across Europe were asked which teaching content they would need help with. The solution was to create 101 learning units available online, which are now ready and freely available both in schools and at home.

You can also tell about laboratory safety this way: find ten mistakes in the picture.

Heureka has been involved in the Erasmus+ -funded international OTA (Online Teaching Advancement) project, where learning material has been produced online by combining chemistry, physics and mathematics with art. Art was used in a variety of ways to deepen the learning of challenging subjects. For example, the mathematical concept of the golden ratio can also be found in music, dance gives good examples of the phenomenas of physics, and molecular level issues and chemical reactions are seen in painting. The classics of art become familiar in the learning materials, and there is also place for the pupils’ own creativity. For example, storytelling makes it easier to understand for example laboratory safety issues.

Activities were prepared in Finland at Heureka and in the other partner countries (Slovenia, Italy, and Cyprus) of the Erasmus+ funded EU project. In addition to Finnish and English, all materials are available in the languages of the countries involved in the project. Learning materials can be freely copied and modified for teaching needs in schools and clubs, but also for homework. For example, Flat of fluffy is a fun task that can be used to learn chemistry. Likewise, chemical reactions can be studied, for example, in the Money Laundering task, where cent coins made of copper alloy are made bright with a mixture of salt and vinegar.

The learning materials can be found in Finnish on the website

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