What is your favourite subject? And the one you like least?

Mar 27, 2023 | News

These two questions  began with the activity that the CESIE proposed to a class of the ICS Rita Borsellino.

“Mathematics” was the answer of most of the pupils.

So let’s talk about Maths!

The pupils tested two of the 100 activities created by the OTA project partnership.

They were very interested in the OTA methodology created for learning difficult topics more easily.

In the activity on Leonardo Da Vinci, they reproduced the Vitruvian man and had fun speculating on how Leonardo da Vinci had thought of making that drawing.

Thanks to a discussion with the teacher, they went over the properties of polygons and got a bit of space.

The other proposed activity triggered a competition between the different groups, who had fun despite the fact that the activity involved doing operations.

The teacher found the tested activity useful to apply in the classroom and found the link between science and art relevant.

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