Report on Learning needs of Target Groups

The Report will analyse the curriculums of the N&S subjects (Maths, Chemistry and Physics) in primary/secondary school across the partner countries, in order to identify and determine which are the learning difficulties of pupils in distance learning, and which topics are most difficult to be tought online by the teachers and learned by pupils.

That output aims to investigate the current gap in online teaching of N&S subjects and establish policies for encouraging pupils to experiment, involve and learn in various ways.

Also available in: GRFIITSL

Learning Methodology

This output aims to develop a new learning Methodology of how to use art in order to teach pupils science through online learning. Recent pedagogical concepts demonstrates that science teaching needs to focus on an appreciation of the actual nature of science, the development of personal learning attributes and the development of social abilities.
Moreover scientific conceptual development motivates us to find new ways with the use of art to stimulate pupils’ intrinsic motivation for learning science; in order to stimulate it we need to increase their interest, show them that learning science is valuable and meaningful and to encourage them to embrace different media as creative arts and visual art forms in online learning of science.

Also available in: GRFIITSL

Learning Toolkit

This output contains the development of a learning toolkit and a training programme for the utilisation of the framework teaching science through art and visual art forms.

It is developed and designed based on the findings from the Report on Learning needs of Target Groups and the development of the learning methodology; drawing on an extensive literature review on science teaching across EU in search for cases of good examples, teasers, inspirational material and diversity of formal teaching and learning contexts in 4 partner countries.


MOOC Learning Platform for Educators

The OTA MOOC and gamified resources will be developed to improve the capacity of teachers to deliver online classes and implement new approaches to teaching and learning. The MOOC platform is an online course designed for a large number of participants, it includes some digital resources, such as online modules, training material, video material, blog posts, articles and other learning tools.

The course is available for all and offers a complete online learning experience for free.